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The Story Behind It All

When I was growing up I loved anything vintage but the fashion part of that was something I was never interested in and especially not wedding gowns!
But because of my love of history, when I was sixteen I randomly bought a vintage wedding gown someone was selling on eBay because I “didn’t want it to go to someone who wouldn’t truly appreciate it” and so my journey began and from that point on I just started collecting them, not really having a goal or even an idea of what I would do with them, fast forward three years after giving my life back to God and having a radical transformation of my life, I’m at college in my second year doing costumes for the theatre department and I used one of my vintage wedding gowns for a scene in the Christmas production “The Heart of Christmas”, and while working with the stage manager she said to me that I “should really look into renting out my wedding dress collection” as a business, at the time I thought she was crazy and disregarded the idea, well on Christmas break I lost all desire to go back to college, as I hated it anyways, so I was praying about it and the Lord said to me to drop out of college, so I did (one of the best decisionsdo my homework for me online I ever made!)


I didn’t know what to do after dropping out so I asked the Lord and He said to me “Focus on Me and start the wedding dress business” so thats what I did, and that was almost two years ago.
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